I love to see the world through my camera’s lens. 

 I understand that our lives are filled with so many important experiences. My photography turns those life experiences into visual timeless stories. I photograph with a combination of a documentary and portraiture style making sure to capture all the important details.  My education from the Mercyhurst University photography program taught me the ground-root principles of photography.  The knowledge I gained around lighting and focus from shooting and developing with a black and white film camera has remained with me with digital photography.


My degree in photography is the foundation of my career. The combination of my education and the skills I learned from a three year partnership as an assistant wedding photographer gave me the tools I needed to kick-start my professional photography career. 


As a professional photographer I am lucky to have been part of so many wonderful moments in people’s lives. I have had the chance to photograph the cherished days ranging from engagements, weddings, newborn portraits and many more.  I feel blessed to pair my education with my love and passion for photography to make photographs that become a record of moments in time. 


I see the beauty in the smallest details and the intimate times of our lives. I photograph to capture that fleeting moment in time that can quickly pass us by without recognition. My purpose behind my photography is to capture memories and provide a keepsake like an album, a canvas , or a printed or digital photo to reflect back on and remember those exact emotions that I was able to capture when that click of the camera happened. I love to make people laugh and smile with their genuine happiness shining through.